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    The Key to Getting What You Want with Women

    Nobody wants to be taken advantage of, and nobody wants to take advantage of others. That’s why it’s so important for you to communicate effectively with women about your desires. Poor communication is one of the biggest problems, if not THE …..

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    Let Go of the Need for Perfection

    There is an old saying: Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. The desire to make everything perfect when you approach a girl, take her out on a date, or do pretty much anything else, is the kiss …..

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    4 Tips for Talking to Women Confidently

    I’ve been meeting a few men lately who claim to suffer from approach anxiety. They still go out a few times a week, and they might approach a few girls, but they still feel like their social anxiety is interfering …..

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    Build Unshakable inner Confidence

    Most women will probably tell you that man’s confidence is the most attractive thing about him. Ask any successful person for the key ingredients to success and confidence will be one of the top three. There are two kinds of …..

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    Seductive Body Language

    Men often worry too much about the first things to say to a girl. What you say is actually not as important as your non-verbal communication. There is a popular myth that 93% or 97% of our communication is non-verbal. …..

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    The Daygamer’s Guide to Handling Shit tests

      Do we really need more articles about handling shit tests? —–Hell yes! Women test you. They want to know if you can actually handle them. If you can’t deal with a simple verbal challenge to your character how can …..

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    Avoid the Friend-zone by Being Selfish

      Men often friend-zone themselves by caring too much what the women they want think of them. There is only one acceptable scenario in which to purposely friend-zone yourself, that’s when you genuinely wish to only be friends with a …..


    5 tips to Make Girls Helplessly Horny for you

    Haha, you want to make a girl helplessly horny for you? What does that say about you? Either it means you want to express your desire for a woman or you are more concerned about her desire for you. If …..

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    How to show sexual intent without being needy

    Some guys seem to find it contradictory that you should show your intent and desire for a woman while at the same time either remaining non-needy, or masking any neediness you may actually feel. Living in abundance and actually having …..

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